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What Do I Need To Bring In?


□ Prior year tax return
□ Current address, phone number, and email address
□ Current driver’s license numbers including issue and expiration dates.
□   Names, birthdates, and social security numbers of all people listed on the tax return. Please make special note of any births or deaths.

□ At any time during 2019, did you receive, sell, send, exchange, or otherwise acquire any financial interest in any virtual currency?

□ Forms W-2 from all employers and all states. Please separate yours from your dependents.
□ Bank interest Forms 1099-Int. Banks are not required to issue for amounts under $10.
□ Dividend Forms 1099-Div
□ Year End Broker forms for taxable investment accounts. These are typically issued in February. Do not include retirement accounts
□ All transactional data summarized for small business earnings.
□ All transactional data summarized for rental property separated by property address. Please also include the prior year depreciation schedule. Include all settlement statements for any new purchases, sales, or exchanges.
□ All Forms K-1 from Partnerships, S Corporations, or Estates.
□ All oil and gas royalty Forms 1099-Misc. Please make note of what State the income is derived from.
□ All farm activity including CCC payments and depreciation schedules.
□ All pension distribution Forms 1099-R. These include IRA’s and annuities.
□ All Social Security Forms 1099-SSA for all recipients
□ State refund Forms 1099-G
□ Unemployment Forms 1099-G
□ Any alimony paid or received?  Date of the Agreement?  ______________
□ Gambling income Forms W-2G

□ Teacher expenses limited to $250
□ Retirement plan contributions outside of employer plans including IRA contributions.
□ Student loan interest Form 1098-E
□ Real estate property tax paid, not assessed, on personal residence
□ License and registration fees on vehicles. Only the ownership tax is deductible.
□ Mortage interest Form 1098 on principal residence
□ Charitable contributions separated by cash-type vs non-cash type.

□ College tuition Form 1098-T for all attended schools.
□ Daycare information including name, address, and social security number/EIN of provider.
□ Solar installed?
□ Adopted a child? Special needs child?

□ Estimated Taxes Paid: 4/15________6/15________9/15________1/15________



□ Prior year tax return
□ Company name, address, and EIN
□ Shareholder’s names, addresses, SSN’s, and percentage ownership
□ Backup of Quickbooks on a flash drive or securely emailed.
    *If there are no Quickbooks files, a spreadsheet of broad categories is sufficient.